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1992-1996 UPM - Technical University of Madrid

BSc in Computer Science Engineering
UPM - Technical University of Madrid

Bachelor's Degree Thesis: Document-Oriented Databases: Free Text Search


(Spanish language)

2016 Seguridad y Alta Disponibilidad Seguridad y alta disponibilidad
(Security and High Availability)

(Arturo Mora)
Almería: Círculo Rojo. ISBN: 978-84-9126-702-7

2016 Bases de datos: diseño y gestión Bases de datos: diseño y gestión
(Databases: Design and Management)

(Arturo Mora)
Madrid: Síntesis. ISBN: 978-84-90770429

2014 Redes locales e internet: conceptos y práctica

Redes locales e internet: conceptos y práctica
(Local Area Networks and the Internet: Concepts and Practice)

(Arturo Mora and Mercedes Rodríguez)
Valencia: Educàlia. ISBN: 978-84-942836-2-6

2011 Planificación y administración de redes Planificación y administración de redes
(Network Planning and Management)
(Arturo Mora and Mercedes Rodríguez)
Valencia: Educàlia. ISBN: 978-84-942836-2-6

1994 Guía práctica de Clipper 5.2. Guía práctica de Clipper 5.2.
(Practical Guide: Clipper 5.2.)

(Amadeo Mora and Arturo Mora)
Madrid: Anaya Multimedia. ISBN: 84-7614-579-9


Since 2018


Assistant Professor (Adjunkt)
KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Copenhagen

Higher Education ICT teaching at KEA Digital.

Subjects taught:

  • Top-Up Bachelor Degree in Software Development:
    • Software Testing
    • Databases for Developers
    • Web Application Development (elective)
  • Top-Up Bachelor Degree in Web Development:
    • Databases
    • Interface Design
    • User Experience
  • Academy Profession Degree in Computer Science:
    • Technology 2 (Computer Networking, Paravirtualization, CI/CD)
    • Technology 1 (Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Databases, Security, Cloud Computing)
  • Professional Degree in Information Technology (continuing education):
    • Databases

Other activities:

  • Coordinator of the Top-Up Bachelor Degrees in Software Development and Web Development
  • Student internships supervisor
  • Bachelor thesis supervisor
  • Local administrator of the learning management system Fronter
  • Management of two R&D projects

Nominated to the Teacher of the Year award 2020


Full-Stack Developer
NaboNyt IVS, Copenhagen
COHERRA FinTech ApS, Copenhagen

Web development with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL


VET (Vocational Education and Training) Teacher
Specialisations: Information and Communications Technology (2004) and English (2012)
Authorised to teach ICT subjects in English language since 2013

Civil servant, Madrid Education Bureau. Colleges and high schools:


IES Clara del Rey (Madrid)
IES Islas Filipinas (Madrid)
IES Francisco de Quevedo (Madrid)
IES Barajas (Madrid)

Subjects taught:

  • Database Management
  • Administration of Database Management Systems
  • Markup Languages and Information Management Systems
  • Web Applications Development
  • Programming in Structured Languages
  • Detailed Analysis and Design of Software Applications
  • Network Planning and Administration
  • Networking and Internet Services
  • Local Area Networks
  • Security and High Availability

Other activities:

  • International Mobility Coordinator (2011-2017). Tasks:
    • Establishing agreements with foreign European companies for our VET students’ internships. Supervising the latter’s training periods within the Erasmus+ Program.
    • Searching for Spanish companies for incoming VET students’ internships.
    • Reinforcing relations with other European educational institutions. Lectures to foreign teachers.
    • Documentation management. Issuing of Europass Diploma Supplements.
  • Participant in the experimental Dual VET project for 5 academic years.
  • Tutor of student classes for 9 academic years.
  • On-the-Job Training tutor (student internships) for 1 academic year.
  • Tutor for students of the MA in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching, in collaboration with UNED (Spanish National University of Distance Education) for 3 academic years.
  • ICT Coordinator for 2 academic years.
  • Computer-equipped classroom coordinator for 2 academic years.
  • Coordinator of a working group on the use of websites and new technologies for 1 academic year.
  • Corporate website designer and developer for 3 academic years.
  • Tutor of online courses for teachers on PHP and MySQL for 3 academic years.
  • Teacher training coordinator for 1 academic year.

Software Engineer


BPSS - BNP Paribas Securities Services - Private banking

Project management
Definition and supervision of development standards and methodologies
Software design, analysis, and programming
DBA - Database administration
BCP - Business Contingency Planning coordination
Network support


SenDA Sistemas de Información - Software services
Customers: BPSS, Arthur Andersen, MAPFRE, Philips, Telefónica 

Project management
Software design, analysis, and programming

1996-1997 Q&C Information Systems - Software services
1996 OCS Software - Software services
1995-1996 CP Software (present day Getronics) - Software services

Ministry of Education and Culture - Public administration

Software design, analysis and programming



The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, via Coursera.org:

2018  Front End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4

University of California, Davis, via Coursera.org:

2017  Introduction to SEO
2017  SEO Fundamentals


Madrid Education Bureau (in Spanish):

2017  CLIL Methodological Training for VET Teachers
2016  Reading and Writing in the Digital Era
2013  Web and Multimedia Resources in Foreign Languages
2011  Videogames Multimedia Programming
2011  Multimedia Resources for Teaching
2007  Cinema, an Educational Resource
2007  Adobe Flash for Teaching
2006  Computer Sound and Music
2005  Advanced HTML
2005  Intern Government Employees
2004  Voice Training
2004  Tutor for Online Courses


BPSS - BNP Paribas Securities Services:

2002  Advanced Administration – Microsoft SQL Server (in Spanish)
2001  Advanced Powerhouse Part I (Manchester, UK)