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Información Intimate and pleasant, yet intense and profound, Arturo Mora Group features the solemnity of the new Scandinavian jazz, the looseness of latin jazz and the brightness of jazz fusion. A wide repertoire of original compositions allows the band members to express themselves freely following paths opened by geniuses like Pat Metheny, Esbjörn Svensson, Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Dave Holland, Chuck Loeb, Michael Nyman or Claude Debussy.

Arturo Mora Trio - Sign of the Future The band came together in 2013 as the Arturo Mora Trio. After playing live on several occasions and releasing their first recording, the EP Sign of the Future (2014), the band expanded its line up with trumpet and flugelhorn player David Herrington.

Fundación SGAE
It's fresh, it's sincere, it's current, and it's jazz.
Dates Saturday 12th December 2015, 22:00 h. (GMT+1)
Arturo Mora Group (Arturo Mora Trio & David Herrington)
Taberna Atípica La Plazita
C/Angel 2
Valdemorillo (Madrid)

Friday 4th March 2016, 22:30 h. (GMT+1)
Arturo Mora Group (Arturo Mora Trio & David Herrington)
Café de la Higuera
C/José María Ruiz Heras 16
Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid)

Live at El Plaza Jazz Club (Madrid), 22nd February 2014. Photographs © Pedro Wiesmann

Recording of the EP Sign of the Future en Piccolo (Torrelodones, Madrid), July 2014. Photographs © Gabriel Castellano
The Call of the Gods. Bogui Jazz (Madrid), 16-Jul-2015.
Desperation. Bogui Jazz (Madrid), 16-Jul-2015.
Swedish Skies. De modestia na (Madrid), 13-Mar-2015.
The Call of the Gods. De modestia na (Madrid), 13-Mar-2015.
medley. Shamrock Irish Tavern (Galapagar, Madrid), 3-Oct-2014.
What Will We Become?. El Plaza (Madrid), 22-Feb-2014.
medley. El Plaza (Madrid), 22-Feb-2014.
The Craftsman's Dream. El Despertar (Madrid), 4-Apr-2014.
Caliban's Release. El Plaza (Madrid), 22-Feb-2014.
Procrastination - alternate take. Piccolo Studios
    (Torrelodones, Madrid), 15-jul-2014.
promo medley. Madrid, 2013.
recording the EP Sign of the Future. Piccolo Studios
    (Torrelodones, Madrid), 15-Jul-2014.
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Contact and booking
Contactt and booking For any information related to Arturo Mora Group, you may directly contact Arturo Mora:

Phone: (+34) 666 50 80 11

Arturo Mora
electric bass, compositions
Enric Castelló
Hugo Fernández
electric guitar
David Herrington
trumpet and flugelhorn
Hugo Fernández - electric guitar
Hugo Fernández He started performing live in Mexico, his country of origin, as well as in international tours with Thalia, Ana Bárbara, Magneto, Pandora, Edith Márquez and Pedro Fernández, among others. After his cum laude degree at the Berklee School of Music (Boston, Massachussetts, 1997), he obtained an MA in Jazz Studies at the University of New Orleans (Louisiana, 2005). Now a resident of Madrid (Spain), he has worked with Cordelia (CD Solitude), Cristina Mora, Celia Mur, Amerikanda (CD Amerikanda), Los Tres Mexicanos, the Big Band of Arganda del Rey, the Composers' Big Band de Compositores (conducted by Miguel Blanco), Valery Haumont and the Way Up Trio, among others. Leader of the Hugo Fernández Quartet, with which he has played live on many occasions in Spain and Mexico, he recorded in 2012 his debut CD Orígenes, and released in 2015 his second album Cosmogram (Origin Records), featuring drummer Antonio Sánchez (member of the Pat Metheny Group and author of the original soundtrack for the Birdman movie).
Arturo Mora - electric bass and composition
Arturo Mora Arturo studied at Taller de Músicos, Escuela de Música Creativa and Escuela Popular de Música y Danza in Madrid, and also with acoustic bassist Carlos Ibáñez. Author of the soundtrack for the short film Icaria in 2006, he has organised and played in short tours led by international artists in Madrid (Margaret Stowe –Canada–, Riner Scivally –USA–, Isla Eckinger –Switzerland–, Virginia Ramírez –Venezuela– and Juliet Annerino –USA–, with whom he performed live in New York in 2012. A member of Chema Saiz & Arturo Mora Duo, Angel Rubio Jazz Trio and Juan Camacho Quintet (CD La estrategia del tiempo, 2008; CD Artesanía popular being mixed and mastered; appearance at the 29th Festival Jazz es Primavera at Colegio Mayor San Juan Evangelista, 2011), he belongs to the Kyrios Jazz Quartet (house band for a weekly jam session from 2006 to 2015) and co-founded the jazz fusion band Tet-Quart (CD Silencio, 2010). He also integrates the bands One By One, Cafe Paris, and Daniel Lorrain & Arturo Mora Duo, and has collaborated, among others, with Inoidel González, Paul Brewer, Janet Thuita, Brenda Hopkins, Sebastián Chames and Ángela Cervantes.
Enric Castelló - drums
Enric Castelló He studied with Felip Santandreu, Yayo Morales, Marcos Parra and Iván Díaz, among others, attending drums seminars with Marc Miralta, Horacio "El Negro" Hernández, Guillermo McGill, Jorge Lucero, Jeff Jerolamon, Trilok Gurtu, Nirankar Khalsa, Nasheet Waits, Fernando Marconi and Roberto Vizcaíno, and Indian tabla seminars with Shev Ray Shankar. He also studied "Jazz and Orff-Schulwerk" musical training with Doug Goodkin. Enric has performed with David Montes, Carlos Barroso, Nino Abou, Juliet Annerino, Ödu Web, Alejandro Ramos, Félix Santos, Quijotes Eléctricos, Los fitoytú, Santiago Montoro, Miriam Fernández, 96 Mentirosos and the Orchestra Alcatraz, among others. He was one of the percussionists at the Terra Mítica theme park, and has performed at the musical shows Maribel y la extraña familia, Mil y un sueños, and Cabaret. He has recently published the didactic book for drummers Rhythm Constructor, commited to the study of irregular meters from basic to intermediate level.
Arturo Mora Trio: Sign of the Future
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